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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poem: A Dim World

A Dim World
By Hendro Darsono
in this transitory world
I'm standing on one point
gazing at the spectrum of life
famine, misery, ignorance, and
all kinds of suffering beset
and color the life
war, violence, chaos, and rapes
break out here and there
it seems that
there's no room for peace
Everybody look!
can't you see what such deeds cause?
only the ruins of destruction
only the cry of fellow human kinds
who become victims and losers
only the cry of children looking for
mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, ...
and only teardrops trickling down
slowly but surely
from all corners of the world
(This poem was published in Dialogue English Magazine No. 7/XXII/1998)

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