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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Mr. Anderson felt very sad and confused because his credit account was accessed by an unknown person. What made it worse was that the person asked for credits by using Mr. Anderson’s name. At first, he believed that his credit account was safe. That’s why, he didn’t ask for third party’s service to protect his credit account. It has a different case from Mr. Smith’s. Mr. Smith can sleep soundly because he has joined an identity theft prevention program from Life Lock.

The illustration above shows us how important the identity theft prevention program is. By joining this program, the customer can prevent his identity and his credit account from being stolen by irresponsible people. As we know, there have been so many cases on identity theft happening around us. This illegal action makes the victims suffer from a lot of losses.

LifeLock.com is an online company which specializes in providing security service. A $1,000,000 guarantee is provided to customers who join the program. The customers will get protection for their accounts and, as a result, they will feel safe and comfortable. LifeLock promo code is also given to the customers in order that they can save a certain amount of money. In other words, they will be able to reduce their spending.

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