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Monday, December 1, 2008

Nouveau University

Education is very important. It can bring someone into success in the future. Unfortunately, nowadays there have been a great number of bad quality educational institutions so that the graduates do not have a good skill. That’s why, choosing a good school or university is unavoidable in order that the students do not regret in the end. The advancement of technology has now played a very significant role in education world. Many learning processes are done through internet. It can make the students be able to arrange their own time. One of private online universities which has produced successful graduates is Nouveau University. This university is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

There are some programs which are offered at Nouveau University. They are accounting, finance, marketing, real estate investing and small business management. The programs are taught so systematically and practically that the students can understand them very easily. Many graduates of Nouveau University have been successful and become entrepreneurs or business professionals. This university was founded by Jim Piccolo. He is a successful entrepreneur, chief executive officer (CEO) of many big companies, and notable speaker. It is no wonder that this private online university develop rapidly. Even the former President of University of Phoenix, Dr. Laura Palmer Noone, has become one of the team at Nouveau University. Of course, it will strengthen the position of this university.