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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Goose's Gold

Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose were best friends. One day they went to Florida on vacation. They were invited by Mrs. Hathaway, Ruth Rose’s grandmother, a very rich woman.

During their stay in Florida, the three kids went around the city to enjoy the atmosphere. They also went to the beach to see the beautiful scenery. When they were walking along the dock where boats were nestled in slips, they saw a man painting the golden letters on the side of a white boat. He was helped by his friend. The letters read “GOLDEN GOOSE”.

The kids were interested and had a chat with the men whose names were Chip and Spike. Chip explained that they used the boat to get gold, silver, and other kinds of jewelry from the sunken ships. He also showed the kids the gold coins they got from the sunken ships.

Several days later Mrs. Hathaway told the kids that there would be special guests coming. The kids were surprised to know that the guests were Chip and Spike. They came to cooperate with Mrs. Hathaway and her business partners. The two men said that there was a sunken ship beneath the sea and in the ship there were so many kinds of jewelry. They showed the gold they got from the ship. They offered the cooperation. They offered Mrs. Hathaway and her business partners to invest their money in their effort to bring up all the treasures from the sunken ship. And they promised they would share all the wealth with all the investors. The men needed some kinds of equipment which they could not afford to buy. Mrs. Hathaway and her business partners finally agreed to invest their money because they thought it was economically profitable.

Dink felt there was something wrong with the men. He told his two friends about his suspicion. Dink thought that the men were going to commit robbery. Then, the three kids tried to find more information. The next day they went to the men’s boat. There were not the men in the boat. So, the kids went aboard and looked around. It was so quiet. After several minutes they heard a voice. They did not know where to hide. Finally, they decided to hide in the boat’s tiny bathroom. They heard two men talking. They were Chip and Spike. The men were planning to drown the boat in order that other people would think the men got an accident and they could take away the money from the investors.

The kids took the life vests and wore it. The men had gone from the boat. Only in a short time was the boat full of water and sinking gradually. The kids tried hard to get out of the sinking boat. They struggled so hard and managed to get out. Then they were adrifted in the sea. After a long time floating in the sea, they saw a coast guard boat. They waved their hands. The boat came near and saved them.

The kids revealed all about the incidence. Finally, Chip and Spike were under arrest. The kids got a reward from a museum in Miami because the gold coins which Chip and Spike ever showed actually belonged to the museum. The men stole them. Mrs. Hathaway was very glad and proud of the kids. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose were brave kids. She thanked them so much and promised to invite them again to have vacation in the next season.

Cerita di atas diringkas dan diceritakan kembali oleh Hendro Darsono berdasarkan novel yang berjudul A to Z Mysteries: The Goose's Gold karya Ron Roy, diterbitkan oleh Random House, New York, 1999.

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