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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Internet technology has developed very rapidly. It certainly influences internet business as well. Many companies need media to advertise their products. Now there is a tendency that blog advertising becomes more and more popular. In this case there needs to be a service providing company which connects advertisers who want to advertise on blogs with bloggers who want to review the advertisers' products or sites.

Smorty is one of the service providing companies which is ready to help both sides (advertisers and bloggers). Bloggers who want to get paid to blog can become the members. By being the members, they can write opinion posts on their blogs. These opinion posts are about the advertisers which can be about their sites or their products (goods and services). Some bloggers spend some of their time to blog for money. Indeed, income they get from blogging is satisfactory. So, the existence of Smorty is really condusive because it can accomodate bloggers who want to get paid for blogging.

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