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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tag from Rezki

Finally I got tagged, too! This tag was given by Rezki. Okay Rezki... I'll try to do the homework from you.

I'm passionate about:
  • reading books, especially books on computer science, foreign languages, biography of famous people, self-improvement, and wise words (for example, my own book entitled English Proverbs & Quotations)
  • writing books (So far seven books have been published.)
  • learning computer hardware and software
  • learning foreign languages, especially English and German
Mostly I say:
  • Yup
  • Keep up the good work! (especially when I try to encourage someone to perform better)
  • Have a nice day!
I've just finished reading:
  • English book
  • Mathematics book
  • brochure from a private bank
Before I die, I want to:
  • make my parents happy
  • see my parents make a pilgrimage to Mecca and I finance all the costs
I love listening to:
  • classical music
  • country music (especially by Tantowi Yahya)
  • Islamic songs (nasyid)
What my friends like about me:
  • They say I'm a good person and like to help other people. Do you also think so?
Last year I learned:
  • to be more patient in leading this life
  • to be able to grab all the opportunities which have good effects on my future life
And I'm going to tag this to :


bilal said...

Waduh... dpt jatah si Bilal

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