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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spy Phone-007

Many kinds of phones have been produced and used by people. Those phones work almost in similar ways. But spy phone-007 is different. With its sophisticated technology, this phone functions not only to make a call, but also to be our personal spy.

As a web connected spy phone, this phone has several functions. If we see at glance, this phone works as an ordinary phone. But in fact, it can record every call made on it and also record ambient sounds around the phone. With these functions, phone-007 really works as a spy. We can hear the recordings on any computer. So, this phone can be used to monitor our children, to know many things about cheating spouses, and to make a long distance baby monitoring. Phone-007 will function automatically when there is noise or sound in the room. When it starts recording, the owner will get notification sms or notification call. So, we will know instantly what our phone is doing. In short, this is a very good, smart, and satisfactory phone!


SpyBubble said...

I have used this one the first time it came out and I am so impressed with it. It has served me well.

FREE spy phone said...

Spy phones have been served the people very much. I like the benefits. Very helpful!

spy phone said...

I know so many people that are so impressed with spy phones! They are so into it.

Anonymous said...